Friday, 28 May 2010

5.       First impressions and who to choose.

So you have figured out what you want, how much you want to spend and you are looking at getting in landscapers and designers to help you out.  And then they arrive...
And they ask you,(I hope)
What do you want?
How much can you spend? (see previous blogs)
And then they show you a portfolio – you should already have seen their web site (I hope).
You have a look around the garden with them...
And then they have the amazing ability to talk utter gobbledegook.

This ability can be splendidly honed. I have known many landscapers who have told me to ‘blind them with the lingo’ or ‘baffle them with technicalities’
This is meant to impress deeply and to an extent it really does work.  It is a device designed to lure you into thinking that they are absolute experts and clearly the people to use.  Beware of the smooth talker –some can talk a good game without necessarily playing it.
Are these guys good at building  gardens, or good at plants? Did they do the fence work or build the pool or did they subcontract these things?
Many are very good, don’t get me wrong –but the words ‘out there’ and ‘jungle’ resonate.
So which one do you use?
At GardenEye we take the strain of deciding away from you by choosing the most suitable contractor for the job that is required.  Simply by having vetted them previously. – Having seen their standards of work and professionalism helps us, help you.

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