Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow, snow, snow!

And that's not me telling off my 2 year old with a blocked nose !
It is NOT the early Winter us gardeners and landscapers want. But the designing goes on. In our household instead of a Snowman we built!? an Ice Pyramid, which has been a huge success. It looks spectacular under the moonlights in frosty or icy weather as it glistens like a huge diamond.
So what you need is a great big snow shovel, some eager kids, a plastering trowel or 2, and a straight edge. A landscape rake has proved to be far and away the best piece of kit I have used to move this snow about. Most importantly to flatten the unseemly footprints around the masterpiece at the end!.
So back to proper work in the New Year  -
Happy Christmas
Have fun in the snow while it lasts!