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The point of GardenEye is simply to produce a better quality garden at a proper rate, working for you the client

We select the right people to carry out each part of the project;
This is based on a strict criterion of;

  • excellence, 
  • experience, 
  • cost, 
  • suitability - and 
  • availability, in East Sussex, Kent and the South East.

This gives us, and more importantly you, the widest selection of talented;

  • garden designers, 
  • landscape architects, 
  • craftsmen, 
  • plantsmen, 
  • landscapers, and 
  • maintenance gardeners, who make up this unique team.
We choose them to match the requirements of each individual project. In so doing the cost savings on our first dozen projects have amount to a 35% savingon the project cost with absolutely no alterations or quality substitutes.
before 2 down to end of gardenfrom front right to rear

A little imagination can a long way. This small garden had previously been designed and was adequate for an older couple, but it had almost no entertaining area outside or anywhere for the kids to play. It was exposed to the surrounding houses and had few plants to liven it up. This was overcome as you can see with a trellis screen, new planting and a retaining wall (which also acts as a seat) to make the levels of the garden make sense - and to reduce soil waste from the site.

This eliminates:
  • Endless meetings with different contractors. 
  • Uncertainty about who to use. 
  • Poor quality workmanship and corner cutting. 
  • Substandard materials and landscaping methods. 
  • A mistrust of the costs involved in the various projects. 
  • A plethora of 'extras' that suddenly appear above the original quote. 
  • Hassle..hassle...hassle...
    GardenEye will:
    • Support you through the design and landscaping process 
    • Give you time – to do other things. Projects require a huge amount of knowledge and input 
    • Give you an understanding of the breakdowns on the project and the details of the work that take place 
    • Offer sound independent advice on your project without being beholden to any contractor or craftsmen or to any types of material 
    • Pull together detailed job specs for the garden and get the quotes in for you, based on those alone 
    • Oversee the workmanship, the contractors and the strategy on the project 
    • Manage the costings and the budgeting 
    • Be your eyes on the job, working for you and seeing it through to the end.

    This formal vista - taken in early autumn shows the simple but effective use of planting. Hebe's and climbing rose at the front. Lavender, Rosemary, pleached hornbeam leading to a Prunus hedge and a sundial. It is stunning even in winter because of the fine structure and glorious throughout summer and a wildlife haven.

    About Edward Erith and GardenEye

    GardenEye is your personal INDEPENDENT expert on garden and landscape creation, delivering excellence, saving you money, time and worry.

    Edward Erith the founder of GardenEye, has over 20 years experience across the wide range of disciplines needed to understand gardening and landscape design, both for domestic and commercial requirements. He created The London Gardening Company in 1993 and sold it 10 years on to move to the country with his family. He therefore has the absolute understanding of a smaller garden and larger gardens having been on the East Sussex/Kent border for 5 years.

    Edward is an award winning designer and landscaper and created GardenEye to deliver a better way of working that brings real benefits to the customer:

    • Greater choice 
    • Inspired ideas 
    • Experienced project management 
    • Large financial savings (to date the GardenEye method shows potential savings of 35%)
      hfh garden photos 2007 009
      Edward believes that this has to be the way forward for all outdoor projects
      " I want all gardens to be excellent and I treat each one as my own, regardless. Every client now has the opportunity of having our service available to them so that they can get on with their lives, knowing that their project is in totally safe hands and that they are getting the best possible quality and financial package."
      Build your garden with GardenEye for the right results.

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