Thursday, 10 February 2011

6. Value for money

        How much?  How Much?
This is for the 95% of you who are appalled and confused when the prices for some gardening work you require have come back in the form of a quote or an estimate.
BUT wait a mo...
I’ve just had a word with my solicitor – and I kept it quick.  I know that every word I utter over the lines, I will be charged for (tick, tock), and I’ve got to have a chat with my accountant soon who is a bit more lenient but being an accountant will claw that money back (tick, tock) in due course no doubt.  Fair enough – they can save me time, money and do me a vital service. They have trained hard and have very large left sided brain functions...  But I actually don’t know if they are any good or even value for money, they seem Ok. I use them because others have said that they are good (but I don’t even know if they thought they were any good or good value for money!)
Getting contractors to do your gardening or landscaping work can be much the same. 
Most people haven’t got a clue if what they are being quoted for is value for money or even worth it all or if the person is genuinely good for the job –and after the initial quote (the same with the accounts) - vow to do the work themselves.  Until realising that was a terrible decision – and the mess and cost has inexplicably increased.
At GardenEye we do charge a small call out fee for an initial consultation with you that covers fuel mostly – but really because we want to know that you too are serious about having work done.  We too are highly trained and skilled (large right sided brain functions) and have spent years building up experience, contacts and knowledge etc -  then we get at least 3 free quotes for you, and we will VET these quotes for you to ensure that you are getting excellent value for money, and supervise the works on your behalf.  
The sneaky way some gardeners and landscapers make ‘good’ money is to ensure they get the job in the first instance (gosh these guys are good value!), then bashing you with extras half way through the job.  So GardenEye is also super careful to protect you from this.  We are utterly transparent in our dealings with you and all to do in your garden, so we spec out the job in detail so all see what is and what is not covered – and this ensures  you know too.  - That, in 90% of cases means having a plan, a drawing, a map - if you want, a design to show you where to go and what’s going to happen.
So if you want to really know what’s going on and whether the price is right – call GardenEye, to help you – extraordinarily good value for the time and effort spent on each project... free and easy to talk to, and more than likely to be delighted with the costs!

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