Friday, 5 February 2010

Beautiful Snow - plan your garden now!

The snow.
It really is beautiful. The road into Rye was truly a rare painting, with the snow enshrining every small branch and twig in a breathtaking avenue, it was enough to make you skid off the road. The Tobogganing was terrific in the car and also with the kids on the slopes, although I sympathized with the old British Rail who so famously cancelled their trains due to 'the wrong kind of Snow' - I'm sure that was the case this year - with the sledging, it was slightly the wrong kind of snow unless you had a piste basher... and that was it, that's as good as it gets...
And no one in their right mind could look out of their window at 1ft of snow and consider that 'I really must get the garden sorted out'. It doesn't work like that and you can bet that when the first daffs poke their noses out of the ground we will be besieged with calls.
So a gloriously beautiful time but ultimately frustrating for us indoor outdoorers, I would say however that this is the best time to plan your garden - so that when those daffs do come you might have a garden for them to glory in.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Well a sample - Hollyhocks still on fire! and Marigolds in the veg patch

I have just been to see a client who has seriously caught the gardening bug. Living in a Sir Edwin Lutyens house with a wonderful artistic heritage he has built himself an amazing garden.
One of the things in the garden that struck me was a 100m border about 3m wide that he himself has built with the planting style of the great Gertrude Jekyll naturally, and it is my job to get the borders weeded and sorted out.
What struck me is how dated the borders are in these times. There were no grasses, no annuals or biennials and none of the formal shrubbery/topiary to define the different topics in the garden and no roses amongst the perrenials
I am still enjoying the garden at home even having a foxglove in flower! (in October), the grasses looking dazzling, the odd rose still in bloom, my Irises in flower and the cosmos' still going strong whilst his is ready to put away for the year.
I like the mix and the longevity of the beauty. I'm tempted to post this months flowers to prove my point!
A garden is everyone's experiment - long may it be that way...

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